I don’t know why, but recently I get many messages like, “I’m interested in dating in Japan, but not comfortable with having mixed-race kids. Because I’m afraid they’re going to be bullied.”
Because I’ve heard that kind of concern quite a lot, I thought I needed to interview someone who is knowledgeable about that.

Sandra Haefelin, she’s half Japanese and half german, living in Japan for 20 years. As an author and commenter, she often writes a book about cultural differences between Japan and Germany and half Japanese issues.

Special big thanks to her. I really appreciate her sharing the views with us.

■Her Twitter: https://twitter.com/sandrahaefelin
■Her Website: http://half-sandra.com/

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  1. Yes..the answer is yes. A lot! Japan rewards blending in and following the accepted norms and social accepted behavior. Mixed race children stand out, a lot of modern day citizens will quietly disapprove at best, but older people will go out of there way to peck at the white spot on the roster.

  2. A lot of half japanese said that the bulling will stop at middle-high school because the kids get more mature and start thinking of half´s as something cool.

  3. I witnessed a lot of kids getting bullied in schools in the USA and here in Korea. Kids can be cruel!

  4. I got bullied in my home country, no matter. Kids are cruel all around the world.

  5. The simplest answer is, if you look different, you’ll get bullied, no matter in which country you are.
    I got bullied all my life long for being a mixed race and shy.

  6. I’m mixed race with a ethnically Japanese dad and a biracial Brazilian Mother. I grew up in Japan and went to an all girls Japanese high school. Although I did face some bullying in elementary school I wasn’t bullied after my puberty/in middle school and high school. Though a rumor about me being a school bully was made about me beating other girls at one point… My experience is very likely an outliner though due to my height (183 cms), me going to a private all girls prep school and also my tomboyish demeanor and attitude which actually made me well liked among some circle of girls in high school.

  7. My little brother (different fathers) is half jap half white he got bullied alot but doesnt care unless it gets physical. Then he happily fights back.

  8. I knew this would be an issue if I married in japan.Not saying I wouldn’t have,but even when I ask my Japanese friends do mixed race Children,or people get discriminated against they say things like “no no no not in japan” and then the next second they criticize people for having darker skin when it’s their natural color.Keep in mind when you go to Japan the Japanese will not tell you everything

  9. This is a good topic. Many Asian and foreigners think that by having biracial children that they will all be very pretty. Usually, as babies, they are and get attention, but as they grow they become just “normal” looking people, with some good looking, some not. Young woman are the worst about this, IMO. Having a child with someone because of how you think it will look is just crazy, and often, disappointing.

    As for kids themselves, they will point out and bully anything that looks different. Mixed race children do get bullied less often at international schools, I’ve seen this myself. The problem is that the cost of an International school in Japan is averages around $13,000 per year.

  10. As a Filipino I feel bad about the 4:20 story 🙁

  11. Kids are always going to make fun of and bully things that are foreign to them (Laterally and literally) . It doesn’t really help if they’re the quiet shy type either, those kids are targeted the most.

  12. Kids will bully each other on any basis whatsoever, sadly. That’s just a fact–I was bullied also. However–and not to suggest bullying is “good” in any way–“good” can come out of the situation if it makes you stronger. I hated being bullied when I was little, but because of the experience I believe I became more immune to being bullied afterwards, and I learned not to care about the issues I was being bullied over, nor for the opinions of the bullies who were responsible.

    I can see that in you, Nobita, because of what you also suffered–now you are not afraid of speaking your opinions honestly and forthrightly, you go out and interview people from an honest perspective, you go out and “advertise” yourself on the streets, and are not afraid of those who disagree with you at all. One can also develop a better sense of compassion in understanding the pain that others being bullied are going throgh, and I see that in you as well.

  13. I think discrimination of this kind is a by-product of an evolutionarily imporant feature. Detecting your own genetic group and defending against take-over by foreigners. You see everywhere where this trait is strong the genetic pool survives and where this feature is weak those genetic pools fade away or go extinct. Humans are animals after all. The same rules apply.

  14. May I just thank you Nobita for always taking the time to subtitle these videos, these interviews ? I know how much of a pain in the ass it is to subtitle things, even if you speak both languages pretty well. There, I just thought I never said how much I appreciate that ^^

  15. I was bullied a lot in japan in elementary school. I only had like 2 real friends. Sometimes the bullying were physical like when I try to go to the bathroom they don’t let me in and stuff like that. The bullying stopped for me in middle school and so as most of of the people I think. I’m half white I think (my dad is adopted) and half Japanese and I was still bullied so.

  16. im likely to get married with my girlfriend in japan at some point. I am going to raise my child to be strong, with martial arts and to be well spoken and confident with their words. People that are different are often seen as in a weaker position, but if the child can compensate for that with who they are the risk is lowered a lot.

  17. Many years ago in Japan, I met a Japanese person in his 20s whose parents were both white foreigners. He was born and raised in Japan, and considered himself Japanese. He told me that he had some bullying experiences growing up, though he was happy enough living there as an adult. I wonder whatever happened to him.

  18. I was bullied awful in school 🙁
    I guess in japan everyone looks pretty similar but in places like the U.K. multiculturalism has been going on for a few generations now.
    I was bullied for a few reasons. I was blonde in a rough multicultural area so stood out and I was withdrawn, quiet and timid because my dad was physically abusive and my mother was mentally abusive because she was one of those weirdo Christians at the time. I had victim stamped on my head from day one and never stood up for myself. All of that combined made me a perfect target for bullying.
    I’m probably too opinionated now because I had to grow a thick skin but my point is that it doesn’t really matter in the long run. School is such a short part of life.

  19. The problem here is that there is no teacher helping the bullied kid and that is because how strict is the law to control teacher and when bullier kid’s parent make complain to school and it’s get more trouble so they have no choice but to stay away from student problem. In my experience I was being bullied and then I got angry and fight back (I still lose though) but then our teacher backing me up but also didn’t harash the bullier but instead they told us what is good and wrong doing and make us made up and then I got no more bulling since then through graduation. and the best thing is the parent also cooperative at this and they were willing to let our teacher do what they think is the best to educate us in school.(Sorry my English sucks)

  20. I’m from the west, and I have noticed it in a videogame. In Schoolgirl Zombie Hunter Every time the mixed race girl brings up her European culture they make snide comments about it.

  21. This proves once again that Japan is one of the most racist societies in the world. Nobody is supposed to stick out. Everybody is expected to look and behave the same. With such a mentality social progression is just not possible. Modern day Japanese sadism = ijime. The saddest part is when she mentioned that somebody commuted suicide and both reacted as if it’s the most normal thing in the world. Very sad. Wake up Japan.

  22. Bullies are insecure which is why they follow the herd. They’re secretly fearful of the unknown, or anyone who’s state of being, to them, contradicts their own. “Fear No Man.”

  23. Anyone who doesn’t like “hafus” or mixed race/ethnic people can go join Voldemort’s clan.
    Although I’m half Latina combined with Native American Indian and German, I know I am mixed with all kinds of other things.
    And btw, my identity isn’t found in my race or ethnicity, the car I drive, the clothes I wear or the job I work. My identity is found in Christ.

  24. I got bullied and I’m not mixed race.

  25. It’s about how you raise your kids. It’s a global problem. But it sure is more rough in an island country like Japan where they don’t even properly teach their kids about their history and history in general.

  26. That’s why I don’t like kids. They’re really stupid and ignorant.

    One day I was walking on the sidewalk. Near the sidewalk were three kids juggling a soccer ball. When I was about to pass by them, my eyes undoubtedly captured the trajectory of the soccer ball directed at the right side of my face. If a normal person was in the same situation as mine, they would protect their face from being hit and warn them not to play with a soccer ball around other people, right? But instead, I intentionally got hit by the ball and walked past them without reacting to what happened to me as if I never give a damn about their existence despite the fact that they did apologize to me. I demonstrated, without words, how scary adults can be. I’m pretty sure that those kids would never juggle a soccer ball around the sidewalk.

  27. I hope to see more of this video.

    By the way, did she settle down with a Japanese man? I guess her kids will pretty much look full Japanese.

  28. Let’s hope the situation gets better with time…

  29. if you plan on having kids with a Japanese women/man & also plan on living in japan. Do your kid the favor and put them in international school or just home school them. Japan’s bullying is super harsh man, I hate to see kids taking there life from verbal/physical abuse