The Irish Lass Kicker clashes with the leader of The Riott Squad, with both Superstars looking to score a huge victory heading into the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal.
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  1. becky is underrated

  2. Push Becky!!!!

  3. Becky must be champion again!!!!

  4. Becky lookin fine

  5. becky lynch outfit was so gorgeous.

  6. Natalya or Becky for win the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal.


  8. Becky looking hot

  9. Riott squad is getting more and more boring each and every week they come out

  10. becky need to win the battle royal

  11. WWE please make Becky champion again
    Oh my god I never got this many likes before! Thanks guys

  12. Wait, this is Becky’s permanent attire now? I should be watching SmackDown more often…

  13. I came for Becky

  14. The riott squad is like the suicide squad movie : a joke.

  15. Becky has such a fine arse

  16. Hey John cena the battle royale is still open

  17. Becky’s attire though

  18. Becky deserves so much better than this. Give her another run with the SD women’s title.

  19. Becky lynch sexy outfit wooh wooh

  20. Go Becky Lynch!!! She has so much fire she can fight off the entire Riot Squad!!

  21. Alicia fox for the women’s battle royal win

  22. Love becky’s new attire and she’s looking sexy in it btw love you Liv morgan

  23. ruby riott is such a cutie man. i always liked her as heidi lovelace <3

  24. Becky has a new ring gear