After earning the opportunity to challenge SmackDown Women’s Champion Asuka at Royal Rumble, The Man reminds the WWE Universe that The Empress of Tomorrow never beat her at WWE TLC.
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  1. Who İs Better:
    Like: Becky Lynch
    Comment: Asuka

  2. Becky’s accent is so damn sexy

  3. Hopefully she loses and still enters the royal rumble and wins it.

  4. What is going on in WWE, womens matches are more entertaining than men matches. Is WWE stands for Womens Wrestling Entertainment?

  5. You’re so hot Becky Lynch

  6. Her accent, her face, her body, her attitude.. Everything about her is soo damn sexy!

  7. “Ronnie sticking her weirdo head in where it doesn’t belong” is the greatest call of the year ahaha

  8. She sounds babyface in this promo

  9. WWE is wanting another Daniel Bryan situation again if Becky isn’t in the rumble and Charlotte wins the rumble. I bet u everyone in the women’s match is going to be booed if Becky Lynch doesn’t come out at the rumble.

  10. Becky Lynch is 100% right about everything she said.

  11. Becky vs asuka
    Ronda vs sashabanks

  12. Did anyone notice how Becky almost said “belt”?

  13. *I have never thought that i would love woman’s matches more than men’s*

  14. Becky lynch is so freaking gorgeous

  15. Becky single handedly lifts Smackdown from lumps. Truly she is the man.

  16. Becky Lynch is the man alright, but I hope she can become 3x Smackdown women’s champion.

  17. How can Kevin Dunn not like Becky’s accent? This may sound weird, but I find it hella sexy

  18. Just like Roman last year, she will lose (hopefully not clean) and she’ll enter the rumble match. She’ll probably win the rumble then.

  19. Becky is our champ, our queen and she is the face of WWE right now

  20. Becky loses, isn’t in the Rumble and then we have a repeat of 2014 with fan outrage. No but WWE “listens” to the fans right?

  21. Ronda vs Sasha and Asuka vs Becky, 2 great first time ever women title matches at Royal Rumble gonna be awesome.

  22. My guess is that Ronda will cost Becky her title match, Becky somehow enters the rumble, and either wins or her and Charlotte both elimate themselves. We have a triple threat match at WM. But I personally want Becky vs Ronda one on one.

  23. Please please please let Charlotte cost her this match or something and have Becky be a surprise rumble entrant and either win it or draw with Charlotte. Becky deserves to main event wm and don’t see it happening if she beats Asuka.

  24. Stone Cold Becky

  25. I hope Asuka retains she deserves a long title run

  26. I hope Asuka beats Becky, then Becky wins the Rumble and beats Ronda.

  27. The fans deserve a Lynch vs. Rousey singles match to main event Mania.

  28. Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch the two great performers of previous Royal Rumble won’t be performing in this year’s rr