The Baddest Woman on the Planet shows no fear as her Champion vs. Champion Match against Becky Lynch approaches.

#Raw #SurvivorSeries

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  1. ronda face is turning into brock lesnar.

  2. I want Becky to mention _UFC193_ tomorrow

  3. If WWE is smart (?), they will have this match end Survivor Series in a double DQ and a massive pull-apart. Forget Ronda vs Charlotte; if booked properly (?), the Ronda vs Becky rematch could main event WM35.

    Of course, (?) = “Don’t hold your breath. That which the fans want is rarely what the fans get.”

  4. Who Loves Ronda Rousey?

  5. Who said Ronda can’t cut a promo?

  6. I love Ronda rouse emotions during her promo

  7. Rowdy Ronda Rouseeeeeeey!

  8. We’re all rooting for Becky.. But we know that WWE will make Ronda win..

  9. Ronda has good mic skills

  10. Look I’m not saying Ronda is great on the mic, but she has definitely got progressively better cutting her promos. It’s obvious she takes this serious and has a passion, which I respect

  11. Ronda Rousey Is Dangerous

  12. Ronda has been in WWE for less than a year and still she cuts way better promos than Roman did in half a decade.
    Also her moves are more interesting and diverse than him.

  13. I want ronda and brock to be in a mixed macth plz make it

  14. To be honest Ronda & Becky have the most badass promo’s in the woman’s division right now they should main event SS.

  15. WWE, make this a submission match.

  16. I love you Ronda you are The best

  17. Leave a like if u love Becky more

  18. Wow amazing performance by Rhonda Rousey the Baddest Women on the planet congrats for the win that what im talking about. Rhonda rousey will destroy Becky at Survivor Series, with armbar She is a natural born killer who will domiante and destroy Becky lynch as soon as they step in the ring.

  19. This is actually gonna be a interesting match since they both have arm dominating submissions. I can’t wait to see how it goes.

  20. ADMIT it! It’s too obvious Becky’s strenght is nothing to Ronda.


  22. Love you Ronda Rousey

  23. OMG! I want to watch Nia vs Ronda already! I got so mad when Alexa interrupted that fight!

  24. I love Ronda’s emotion during her promos.

  25. Even on raw becky is loved vince

  26. Ronda will win at survivor series against Becky

  27. Ronda and brocklesner dangerous wwe

  28. Nia is going to get involved in the Becky v Rousey match I’m calling it not that I’m complaining cuz at least Becky will win

  29. Sadly there’s no way wwe is gonna let Becky win 🙁 we all know it