Watch the heated confrontation between The Queen and the SmackDown Women’s Champion that took place over the weekend at the WWE Performance Center.


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  1. Who are you?! (Clearly a rhetorical question)

    I’m the women’s champ!!!

    Damn Becky is so damn badass!

  2. Does Becky drive her car and order from restaurants with that belt on her shoulder?

  3. This is something NXT would do, is triple h taking over?

  4. Becky is right though. She trusted Charlotte and Charlotte stabbed her in the back and weaseled her way into Becky’s match that she fought so long to get. WWE no amount of ploys from you guys will ever get me to cheer Charlotte and boo Becky because we know the truth. And what is Charlotte giving Mia Yim advice for lol Mia was doing this way longer than Charlotte did. Another classic example of how Charlotte nepotism got her shortcuts to the top and how she doesn’t deserve to be cheered.

  5. This made me like Becky Lynch even more.

  6. Another attempt to get sympathy for Charlotte
    Another fail 🙂
    Go Becky!

  7. Flair vs Lynch should main event Evolution. Guranteed classic.

  8. Still not supporting Charlotte stop trying Vince

  9. I hope Becky breaks Charlotte arm.

  10. WWE must not ruin Becky Lynch’s momentum.. Becky should retain the championship at WWE Evolution.. Don’t ruin Becky like you ruined Asuka already..

  11. The heels are like *_”now this lass is talking sense”._*

  12. 2:56
    Charlotte: Who are you!?
    My Beck: I’m the woman’s champ you’re never getting the title back!

  13. Anyone else notice Shayna is agreeing with Becky lmao

  14. Much as it kills me to hear Becky say stuff she’d never say, Face or Heel, she’s clearly the best thing going in the ‘E right now.

  15. Becky is an amazing heel and I love seeing Bianca, Candice, Kacy, Lacey & Mia Yim in their debut 🙂

  16. Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair > Ronda Rousey vs Nikki Bella

  17. becky just turned into conor this is amazing


  19. Lynch Mob representing!!!

    I hope Becky and Charlotte are the main event. These two phenomenal athletes deserve that spot! My lord, Becky just gets better and better every week!

  20. Becky sounded like conor for a sec

  21. Please, let the double turn happen at Evolution.

  22. Becky is The champion we don’t deserve

  23. The New Lita and Trish?
    *I LOVE IT!!*

  24. This Becky thinks she the next Conor McGregor eh lol

  25. Becky lynch is taking over big time! She got that swag and she’s killin it on the mic. She sounds authentic and real! Full of passion and that it factor is there yall.. I know yall see it. She like the female mcgregor.