The Rated R Superstar welcomes The Queen and the SmackDown Women’s Champion to a very intense SmackDown 1000 edition of “The Cutting Edge.”

#SD1000 #TheCuttingEdge

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  1. *Becky out here hot as hell.*
    *(Literally and figuratively).*

  2. *We NEED EDGE as the new SMACKDOWN GM*

  3. Becky just insulted Edge’s career ending injury and got cheered. She’s 2014 Daniel Bryan level over.

  4. Edge would be a great Smackdown manager in the future

  5. Edge entrance without pyros? What a disrespect!

  6. LOL! WWE still can’t get it. Don’t you see that you screwed Becky so much during two years that now that she finally gets a break and shows some personality she is now loved by the crowd? Don’t you get that Charlotte as good as she is, is being disliked time and time again because you keep making her look invincible and not relatable at all? The only reason she is not booed like crazy is because she is really good … But keep pushing your luck and people will forget about that. Give Charlotte another break from the title picture, let Becky had her time in the sun for a while, that is all you need.

  7. WWE why does your plans to have Becky get booed always backfire and fail miserably. Lol

  8. Who loves the Queenslayer Becky Lynch?

  9. Looking at Edge with long hair…..Reminds me of Good ol times

  10. WWE can do whatever they want I will not boo becky lynch ! All hail the Queen !

  11. Becky Lynch is getting cheers because she has that McGregor vibe. Keep it up!!!

  12. Edge scolding Becky Lynch is like a father talking to his bratty teenage daughter…..

    In this case though, the daughter won, lol.

  13. Edge back in the day would’ve speared becky LMAO

  14. Damn 3:43 this is why I love Becky !!!!

  15. YouTube rose just like Undertaker.

    And the first video I watch is this one…

    Becky is the female Austin.

  16. Edge Your Looking So Hot & Young…

  17. After their collide who else thought undertaker will show up and stand face to face with Edge ?

  18. I hope Becky won’t lose the title with her having a cracked jaw.

  19. Aye Edge grew his hair back just in time for Smackdown 1000

  20. If you love Becky Lynch, gimmie a HELL YEAH!!

  21. Becky is hot as hell, great entertainer in the ring. Fans LOVE her. Charlotte is trash, yet vince and dunn keep pushing her because she doesn’t have an accent, but does have some massive fake boobies.

  22. becky lynch told edge to get out of her ring and dont hurt his neck again while doing so and the crowd still cheers!!!! absolutely awesome!!!!