After getting intentionally disqualified at WWE Super Show-Down against Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch can’t do the same in this rematch, or she will lose the SmackDown Women’s Title.

#SDLive #WomensTitle

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  1. Charlotte is great but Becky deserves this title more than her and any body else …

  2. STOP BOOKING BECKY LYNCH TO LEAVE HER MATCHES!!!! I hate seeing her grab the title and walk away because it’s basically conceding that Charlotte is better than her and she can’t win fair. Just stop. We’re not going to boo this woman and all you’re doing is insulting our intelligence. Why would Becky suddenly feel the need to run away or cheat after she beat Charlotte clean at Hell In A Cell? It makes no sense.

    I’m enjoying the feud, btw. I just wish they’d stop trying to force a narrative on us and go along with the fans.

  3. The bad blood in this feud has been great. This definitely deserves to main event Evolution.

  4. This is why smackdown women’s Division is better than raw women’s Division

  5. This is how the Sasha Vs. Bayley feud should’ve been

  6. This better be the main event at Evolution!

  7. They should’ve made it a No DQ and no CO match instead.

  8. Becky Lynch and Charlotte >>>> Bella Cringe

  9. Watch and learn, Raw, this is how you make a good rivalry.

  10. This feud needs to end at Evolution for good. Who else wants Becky to retain and walk out victorious at Evolution?

  11. Charlotte is the Roman reigns of the women’s division.

  12. ohhhhhh, i think Vince is trying to get the fans to turn on Becky

  13. Idc what anybody says Charlotte doesn’t deserve another title opportunity

  14. Still not booing her…

    Team Becky all the way!

  15. I seriously hope they don’t give the belt back to Charlotte cause so far their last two matches seemed like Becky gotten weaker -_-

  16. Charlotte = Female AJ Styles

  17. this match was really good though, and becky is improving as a heel
    didn’t except my comment to get this many likes! Thanks for telling me she’s actually an anti-hero!

  18. Who’s ready for the SECOND ever last Women’s standing match at Evolution?!

  19. I’m still your Smackdown Live Women’s Champion!

  20. Last Woman Standing at Evolution

  21. Really hope Charlotte flair and Becky lynch are okay that insane last women stand matches for smackdown women’s championship sue be in mainevent at evolution pay preview on wwe network not Ronda rousey not nikki bella who agree with that hit like

  22. Of course Charlotte got to be in the winning end of this match.


  24. Heres the reason why Smackdown is better than Raw, for weeks now

  25. It’s so obvious Vince wants Charlotte to be the woman of the WWE. For 2 months they build Becky’s character to be a total badass that shows no fear. Now, all of a sudden, Becky turns into a complete coward. It’s all to put Charlotte over. They’re just ruining Becky’s potential with this nonsense.